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Sep 06 2022




Business Plans

Business Plan Training Course

Our Business Plan Training is a blended approach to business planning where students/entrepreneurs are paired with a mentor throughout the business plan process. The approach follows a 4 weeks live interaction approach with aspiring entrepreneurs to complete their business plan in the format required by local South African institutions.

So let's explain how it works?

You need a business plan and shop around  where you meet expensive consultants who have the high quality work which you want and the often cheaper ones with low quality template work that you can even do by yourself. Now you are thinking, can I just pay so little and take a chance with inexperienced consultants who won't take you far or should you just sacrifice an arm and a leg to get things properly done?

Welcome to Bplans Training

We are highly skilled consultants who have worked on numerous projects across the length and breadth of South Africa. Our website explains more about our experience in business planning. From dealing with financial institutions to incubators, various investors and landlords, we know what goes into a proper business plan and don't just take our word for it, we have the necessary means to prove it with contactable references and example past plans.

So what do you do next? - Free Orientation

You book a free Orientation using any of our contact details on the website. Orientation is simply a walk-through our process to understand how you can benefit from our course and complete your business plan in 4 weeks. With every Jack and Jill claiming to be a professional business plan writer in South Africa, you want to take time to find the right ones to help you do it. So we encourage you contact us and book a free online orientation to walk you through our planning process.

Can we meet face to face before I take the course?

You are more than welcome to meet us face to face on group sessions that we do monthly or as and when we need to. Because of the demand of the business plan course, we aim to reduce pre-consultation time and resources as we explain everything through course material and answer any questions you may have.

What is the online 4 weeks course about?

Now that you have been oriented, you will be familiar with our process which is:

Getting a mentor assigned to you for 4 weeks of business plan help with extended support for another 2 weeks should you not complete your business plan on time or for any other post business plan questions you may have.

What will the mentor do and what is expected of me?

Mentor will share with you information that is relevant to your business plan type, thereby training you to write not just any generic business plan but your business plan in particular.

Mentor will add any custom topics, guidelines and instructions to your business plan course and collaborate with you on all aspects of your business plan that you need help with through two weekly calls.

What do I get immediately after paying?

Before starting the course, you will get a pre -written completed business plan and financial forecast to get you accustomed with what a business plan should look like in your industry. This will however not be used as the basis of our course as we start from scratch as we all know that no investor is looking for a copy and paste document. Each topic we teach will have its own other examples for your inspiration. The goal is not to edit an existing business plan but to start one from scratch and finish it.

What technical requirements do you need?

Any Windows or Mac computer with a word processor MS Word and a spreadsheet processor like MS Excel.

An internet connection is an advantage but only required when downloading course material.

What type of business plans is this course suitable for?

Currently we can safely say all types of business plans but we have grouped the learning paths into 20 key areas

  • Farming Business Plans
  • Logistics Business Plans
  • Restaurant Business Plans
  • Butchery Business Plans
  • Bakery Business Plans
  • Fuel Station Business Plans
  • Construction Company Business Plans
  • Tech Business Plans
  • Training Institution Business Plans
  • Fashion Retail Business Plans
  • ECommerce Business Plans
  • Jewelry Business Plans
  • Student Accommodation Business Plans
  • Property Rental Business Plans
  • Property Flipping (Buying and Selling) Business Plans
  • Estate Agency Business Plans
  • Hair Salon Business Plans
  • Video/Film Production Business Plans
  • Music Production Business Plans
  • Car Wash Business Plans (With variations of having car wash, Chesa nyama, butchery type of business)
  • Vehicle Repair e.g Panel Beaters and other variations like selling car parts
  • Furniture Business Plans
  • All types of manufacturing business plans
  • All types of farming and agro processing business plans

What you can expect to walk away with from this course

  • A complete comprehensive business plan in Word and PDF
  • A complete excel version of your financials
  • A complete Powerpoint Presentation Pitch of your business plan

So where do you start?

You can book an orientation time with us to understand how we can assist. This session is free after which you can choose whether to take the course or not.

You enroll for the course by paying the relevant fees upfront on the beginning of the course or choosing a payment plan through Mobicred which we are a merchant of.

Course starts every first Tuesday of the month for new students on every single month unless it is a public holiday in which case, the start date is pushed to the next working day. Fill in the form below to download the course enquire more and state your specific requirements.

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