Financial Modelling Masterclass for SMEs

Valentine Masina


Valentine Masina

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Chris Mutale
Chris Mutale
Mzweleni Mlotshwa
Mzweleni Mlotshwa


Dec 19 2022


8:30 am - 4:30 pm



Financial Modelling Masterclass for SMEs

Need a robust financial model for your SME to present to bankers, financial institutions or private investors? Sometimes writing up a full business plan/ business case with the necessary financial projections can be simple if you have the necessary expertise and time to do so - but what if you don't? Bplans Africa has seasoned experts in financial modelling to help you as an SME to succeed.

So where does our course start? - The Business Model Canvas

The masterclass starts off by understanding your business model. This will essentially create your business model canvas or investor pitch (as we call it). The Business model canvas is a high level summary of your business plan and it is essential for those who don't have a business plan created as yet. We will not dwell on it for more than 2 hours as the key objective of the day is to create a financial model that outlines your budget using excel as a tool.

The Next Stage - Mapping the Business Model Canvas to the financial model

You will spend the first hour learning about

  • The basics of financial modelling as required by South African and other international financial institutions
  • How to create a financial model that can be funded, the "must haves" and optional extras to support the financial model
  • How to translate your business case/plan into numbers so that your written business plan and the financial model all say the same thing

The drive into the course will look at how to write a feasible and fundable financial model through the following:

  • Budgeting for your startup/expansion expenses and assets (building your beginning balance sheet) - What to watch out for
  • Understanding different types of sales projections and how they are projected using excel as a tool (We look at four types of sales projections i.e unit based, recurring revenue, hourly billing, general revenue target)
  • Understanding the difference between direct cost of sales and other running costs
  • The interaction between Income Statements, Balance Sheets and Cash Flow Statements in financial models, and the necessity of utilising this approach
  • Modelling all components of a typical Income Statement and Balance Sheet, including fixed assets and components of working capital
  • Understanding the importance of departmental expense planning i.e separating the income statement into different expense categories for easier expense planning
  • Understanding the main ratios of your business plan and what they mean about the feasibility of your business model
  • Planning What if Scenarios and preparing them for your business plan

What you will walk out with

Outcome 1 - Powerpoint Investor Pitch based on the business model canvas with the summary of your financial projections pasted in the right places within that pitch

Outcome 2 - A complete financial projections model in excel with up to 5 years annual detail, 24 months monthly detail on the following:

  • StartupĀ  Budget - (Your beginning balance sheet)
  • Sales Projections - (Your revenue streams with their direct costs)
  • Personnel Projections - (Planning for salaries and other worker related costs)
  • Income Statement
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Financial Ratios
  • Return on Investment including IRR and NPV
  • Loan Repayment Schedules (If applicable)
  • There are 10 more detailed reports that are generated by the system to help you understand your model even further

Bonus Gifts

  • Basic Business Plan Checklist for items you will need to complete a fundable business plan
  • Free (South African) Business Planning Guide to help you with your business plan. This guide is for South African Businesses and hence more effective for the local market
  • List of over 100 institutions that fund SMEs in South Africa
  • Funding Guide for SMEs
  • Interested in tendering? - The first 300 students of this course get a 100 paged tender guide manual for tendering in the private and public sectors of South Africa. This will help a lot for SMEs that want to do business with the government. Please note, we don't offer tender consulting services for free and hence the guide is DIY (Do It Yourself). Any tender consultations will require consulting fees according to your business and refereed to the right department.

When done with the model, you may choose to send it for a free review to ensure that it is sound and error free although error checking controls are incorporated into our models by default.

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