Excel Based Financial Models



Gone are the days of getting the go ahead or funding for anything with just a business plan. Financial models are fast becoming a prerequisite to successfully identify risks, costs, opportunities and income streams.

Effective financial models generate management insights and intelligence to inform and enable better decision-making. They provide a controlled environment in which you can test the business case, hypotheses, theories and ‘what if’ scenarios.


Future focused, financial modelling is the smart way to evaluate and predict a business or project’s feasibility and viability.

Dissect the business case

Quantify strategy

Make informed decisions

Ensure viability & success

Predictive performance tool

Structured & flexible

So let's face it - You have been asked to submit your business case/plan to a banker or investor and you dread that part of writing your own financial model. Manufacturing involves a lot of variables from fixed labour costs, departmental expenses and you may want to have services revenue for services you provide over and above what you manufacture. How do you include all of that in one plan? Bplans Africa specializes in just that. Expect to see things like operational capacity, various operational efficiencies ike R&D efficiency and such variables built into your model.

With the world going green, you have an idea to be part of the green initiative through a solar/wind or some other renewable energy business. Whether you want to supply power to the national grid, install some B2B energy solutions or sell energy solutions to homes, we can help. We understand taxes, rebates and in most cases, we also know the market rate for energy prices as we track this industry religiously. Bplans Africa can help you improve your business case and its presentation through our renewable energy financial models.

A property is up for sale, whether it's a BnB, hotel, student accommodation, factory, warehouse or of any commercial use and you want to purchase it, convert it, improve it etc. We have a solution for you. From development planning where questions about ownership, zoning and how to go about finding costs are concerned we are able to help you build a comprehensive financial model for your new development inserting the right figures corresponding to your business case.

So you have a mobile application, gym membership or some other recurring revenue model? We have a solution for you. Most out of the box solutions cannot handle your recurring revenue plus other cost and revenue structures at one go. We build our models to be composite and accommodate all types of revenue and cost types.

Your fuel station, supermarket and jewellery shop requires funding. We can help you to build a solid financial model based on a solid business case. From mixed type of developments to single use retail developments we can help. All our models have sensitivity analysis built into them for understanding different elements of the business case and how they impact the bottom line.

Benefits of Bplans Africa Financial Model

  • One of the keys of any financial model is to understand the business case because the model is built around your business case. Having written numerous business plans, we have the pragmatic experience to build solid financial models.

  • Custom excel modelling skills. We teach excel modelling and practise the usage of those skills as well which means that we can build any type of financial model from scratch.

  • Advanced excel skills - We can utilise some of the most advanced excel features to build dashboards, integrate with BI tools etc at an extra cost when the need arises.

  • Understanding the underlying risks. One of the key mistakes that business owners and managers do is to build their models without sufficiently incorporating risk and risk mitigating costs. More often than not, thumb sucked figures are used to build their model. Bplans Africa uses a proprietary system to base our numbers on.

  • A change in business model? - We have encountered clients that bring business cases that are not feasible at all. Due to our knowledge in business planning and feasibility, we may even advise the owner/manager to abandon or change the plan altogether